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Mining Equipment
Dorr-Oliver Thickener View
Eimco Type Thickener Drive View
Spare Parts (Flotation) View
Spare Parts – Internal Gear View
Coupling Assembly View
Bearing Cap & Base View
Dorr-Oliver Drive with Lift View
Thickener Ring Gear View
Major Service Kit View
Bowley Worm Wheels View
Bowley Thickener 1 View
Bowley Thickener Loading onto Transport View
Eimco Drivehead View
Hydraulic Thickener Drive View
Bowley Housings View
Manufacture of Rakes View
Rake Arm Components View
Torque Shaft View
Fabrication of Undersolution Rakes View
Traction Thickener Leading & Trailing Wheels View
Hydraulic Drivehead View
No preview image
Mechanisms View
Dorr-Oliver Drivehead with Lift View